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What is SimpleList?

SimpleList is your one-stop, super-powered registry …
for everything!

With SimpleList, you: 

  1. Create lists for everything you desire: graduation presents, items for a special trip, accessories to pimp out your place … You can even start wish-lists for others and invite people to chip in.
  2. Invite friends and family to see what you want. Share your lists with a few friends, or share them with everyone. You can even keep private lists. Use it how you want, letting the right people know the right ideas for you.
  3. Keep an easy list of priceless knowledge. You’ll always know exactly what your friends want, and your friends will always know exactly what you want.
  4. Become the envy of everyone and never give—or get—a bad gift again!

How will SimpleList make life sweeter?

  1. What do you want for your birthday? Keep all of your wishes in organized, easy-to-share lists.
  2. What should we buy for the party? Save and share perfect lists to help plan future events.
  3. How will this save me money? Get notifications when items on your list are available at a discount, or start a ‘group gift’ and invite your homies to chip in.
  4. Wait, what if someone already bought it for me? Find out instantly if someone buys any of your listed items.
  5. Is this for real? Yes, and it’s awesome. You’ll earn serious kickbacks as rewards for your epic list-creating and knowledge-sharing abilities, and the more you list, the better it gets. Score!!

Give and receive perfect gifts. Simple as that.



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