Partner with SimpleList

SimpleList Partnerships were created
with a specific mission:

Make online marketing simple and precise.

SimpleList Seller benefits:

How does it work?

The SimpleList platform redefines current online marketing functionality and effectiveness by creating advertising targeted to specific consumer intent and purchase plans. 
SimpleList provides:

SIMPLE campaign creation

ROBUST data management

POWERFUL reporting

SimpleList is specifically designed for straightforward, transparent and effective marketing campaigns. 
You can finally advertise strategically and cost-effectively, and evolve from expensive, highly unpredictable pay-per-click campaigns
and the ineffective projections of traditional online marketing methods.

SimpleList Sellers reach more customers 
get more reviews.

Create UNLIMITED product ads,
all for one set price

Adjust and repeat campaigns
based on real-time data reports
and analysis

Perfectly budget for —
and clearly define — your
Return on Investment

Unique pricing model:

Messaging & Display
  • Unlimited custom and highly targeted product ads
  • Fixed pricing
  • Data overview dashboard
  • "Display Banner" access and priority placement
  • Notifications when your campaign price is beaten
  • Unlimited support
Data & Reports
  • All "Messaging & Display" plan features, plus:
  • Professional dashboard
  • Real-time data and statistics tracking
  • In-depth data sets and powerful campaign analysis
  • Member action analysis
  • Automated weekly, monthly and year-end reports
Custom Plan
  • Pricing and features customized to your needs
  • Options include:
  • Data translation services
  • Campaign manager
  • Unlimited support
  • Contact for details.

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