SimpleList Inc. Announces the Launch of

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Finally! The most effective shopping and marketing platform ever has arrived!

Deal-based shopping network benefits Members and Sellers


SimpleList. WishLists that work.


SimpleList, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of, a shopping network focused on improving the online shopping experience. SimpleList Members get the privacy and control they want. SimpleList Sellers get the value they deserve. 

SimpleList puts Members in control of the marketing conversation so they receive zero irrelevant ads and get great deals on exactly what they want. SimpleList has pioneered intention-based marketing, creating an advertising precision never seen before. SimpleList Sellers can easily customize, manage and track online marketing for one affordable price

The projected launch of SimpleList is June 2021. Sign up now at

SimpleList is the most intuitive and rewarding shopping network available, ensuring only the best deals on the exact products Members want are seen. Ads are not based on retargeted online searches, but on the specific products in their “SimpleLists.” These lists serve as untraceable proxies, relaying purchase intent and collecting deals without linking to a Member’s personal data — which means sensitive information cannot be compromised. With SimpleList, privacy violations and spam are a thing of the past! Read more about SimpleList Member benefits here.

For Sellers, SimpleList is the most highly-targeted and precise advertising platform available, eliminating the need for pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC) and keyword campaigns. Sellers create unlimited ads for unlimited products under one affordable subscription, while eliminating spam for their customers. As the only consumer-prompted marketing platform, SimpleList also provides Sellers with invaluable consumer and market knowledge. Read more about SimpleList Seller benefits here. 

SimpleList Members are saying: I absolutely love SimpleList and invited all of my friends to join.” SimpleList Sellers say: “It’s so simple and effective! I can’t believe it’s taken this long to know exactly what shoppers want.” 

SimpleList, Inc. is a Delaware-registered S-Corp with teams in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut and France. Follow SimpleList on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and sign up at

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